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Rendering Client 4.0 Beta

Version: Platform: Windows7 64bit / Win8 64bit / Win10 64bit
Size: 59.4 MB Supported Software: Maya 64bit / Max 64bit
Updated date: 2017/8/9

Main Features:

  • Support one-stop batch dragging tasks, automatic analysis, upload, render and download.
  • Support all kinds of path, automatically find and upload all the related asset such as texture, reference, cache.
  • Support all kinds of mainstream CG software and plugins; set plugin configuration basing on cloud.
  • Support automatic compression, multi-thread upload and download, freely adjust priority setting for task download.
  • Support adjusting for rendering task priority、preview and check effects in advance.
  • Freely customized download directory in term of different project.
  • Scene files on Rayvision cloud storage is closely matched to the customer's own directory structure.
  • Automatic rendering cost accounting, failed task will not be charged.
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File Synchronization Tool

When using web submission rendering, use the file syncing tool that has built-in aspera transmission engine to sends raw data to the cloud and downloads the rendering results with high speed.

Main Features:

  • Supports automatic upload of selected directories, and synchronizes local files to the RayVision’s server in real time.
  • Supports automatic download of selected directories, monitors selected rendering tasks, and automatically downloads rendering results to the local computer in real time.
  • Automatically searches for the fastest relay hub amongst those located in over 10 regions around the world for maximum transmission speed.
  • Two built-in transmission engines available: Aspera and RvSync. Tests show that transmission speed is 10 times or more than that of ordinary FTP under certain network conditions.

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