Rayvision’s customers are from the world's top animated film production studios, visual effects studios and other mainstream CG companies from 50 countries and regions, including Oscar winners.
Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Three Robots

Episode 2 of Love, Death & Robots

David Fincher & Tim Miller's Animated Netflix Anthology Series

“It was a pleasant surprise to work with Fox Renderfarm. We had to outsource some parts of the render in order to deliver on time and Fox Renderfarm allowed us to meet our deadline. Sure we will work again with them if we need to.” - Spanish animation studio Blow Studio.

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

The Wandering Earth

China’s first homemade sci-fi blockbuster
The 9th Beijing International Film Festival Tiantan Award
Best Visual Effects

The Wandering Earth takes the third place in China’s all-time box office, earning over 600 million US dollars in just 20 days. As China’s first homemade sci-fi blockbuster, it raised the bar for China's film industry, lighted up the future of Chinese sci-fi movies and created a new era for Chinese science fiction.

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Mr. Hublot

Luxembourg 3D Animated Short Film (11 minutes), 86th Academy Awards (Oscars 2014) Best Animated Short Films
3D Animated
86th Oscars Best
Animated Short Films

“As a small studio of 3D animation film in France, we need a lot of computing power to show our originality. This requires a great number of computers than those used in the studio. Computer rendering cannot be finished without external support. Finally, we find RAYVISION.” Laurent Witz, filmmaker of short films

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Ne Zha

Top 2 of highest-grossing movies of all time in China Highest-grossing animated film of all time in China

Nezha(2019) is an animated feature directed by Yang Yu(aka Jiaozi). Nezha breaks numerous records, ranking as Top 2 of highest-grossing movies of all time in China and as the NO.1 regarding all-time animated films box office in China, also generates buzz and praises in domestic and abroad.

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Baahubali 2:
The Conclusion

Amazing Fantasy Epic Film
The Most Popular Indian Movie in History

“This is a fantasy fairy tale kind of movie where India introduces its culture to the world. Visual brilliance, perfect portray of emotions and showcasing of Indian culture makes it worth watching!” - Hollywood Critic Grace Randolph

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Wolf Warrior 2

Breaks the new record of Chinese box office
China Film Week CJIFF Best Movie Award
The Best Works Award for Excellent Work
Chinese American Film Festival Best Movie Award

The first day of screening has broken the box office record of $182 million in 96 hours, refreshing the record of single-day box office titles in Chinese film history and setting a new box office record of "The Fastest $150 Million" of Chinese movie history. The number of viewers in the Chinese market reached 140 million, making it one of the top screening movie in the history of global film history.

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal

The Best Feature The Montreal International Animation Film Festival 2019 (ANIMAZE)

“We are very satisfied with Fox Renderfarm’s 24/7 real-time technical support, reliable download and upload speed, the user-friendly web-page interface, and very simple desktop client app for our alternative option. For example, we have some frames that took 3 days to render locally, and after we submitted to Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering platform, it was completed in 2 hours, which greatly saved our time and budget. More importantly, the reliable and quality rendering also guarantees the quality of this film.” - The technical team of Les’ Copaque Production

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

BoBoiBoy Movie 2

Malaysia’s highest-grossing animation movie of all time

“...We are really impressed actually, especially on the support portion of Fox Renderfarm...more importantly, when it comes to the last minute, it is hard for us to get the finance portion, budgeting portion to meet according to our criteria, and timeline also needs to be meeting. So, Fox Renderfarm, luckily for us, managed to meet our criteria in terms of pricing, in terms of delivery.” - Kee Yong Pin, COO for Animonsta Studios

Fox Renderfarm Cloud Rendering Projects

The Shipment

Best VFX 2018 Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest

“Fox Renderfarm was critical to the success and completion of our film 'The Shipment'. Their customer service was excellent, and their render system was very reliable and user-friendly. After many unsuccessful experiences with other rendering services, we were grateful to find Fox which surpassed our expectations. Without their affordable rendering options, we would not have been able to complete our independent sci-fi film which has recently been chosen as an official selection at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York.” - The Director Bobby Bala